Lilly Collection

Lilly Occasional Tables

Stratified Hardwoods comprised of sustainability recycled thick cut veneers laid up to create a strong, rustic top with natural knots and voids. Lilly tables’ light and vibrant hair pin legs create a harmonious contrast with the rustic tops.

4500-R24  Dia:  24” H:  17.5″/19.5”
4500-R30  Dia:  30” H:  17.5″/19.5”
4500-R42  Dia:  42” H:  17.5″/19.5”
4500-E2448  W:  48” D:  24” H:  17.5″/19.5”
4500-S2424  W:  24” D:  24” H:  17.5″/19.5”
4500-S2448  W:  48” D:  24” H:  17.5″/19.5”