Brooklyn Collection

Brooklyn Occasional Tables

Coriander Designs is always looking for different materials and new ways to create extraordinary furniture. So when their designers saw the beauty and simplicity of Lumicor’s Luminous solid surfaces, a spark was lit to merge a radiant burst of color with the architectural weight of the steel wire base they were developing.

Using a premium birch hardwood plywood layer creates additional warmth that helps to ground the design of the Brooklyn Coffee Tables and Side Tables.

Constructed by welding curved steel rods to circular frames, Brooklyn Occasional Tables are distinctive pieces that can brighten up and add modern elegance to any space.

9001  Top Dia:  42” H:  15.50” W: 46.75”
9002 Top Dia: 36” H: 15.50” W: 40.75”
9003 Top Dia: 30” H: 15.50” W: 34.75”
9004 Top Dia: 24” H: 19.50” W: 26.75”
9005 Top Dia: 18” H: 19.50” W: 20.75”

Tops Available with:
Lumicor Luminous Solid Surface with six standard colors
High Pressure Laminates – HPL with six standard colors
Solid Surface with six standard colors
Quartz with six standard colors