Cherokee Nation Vinita Health Clinic

The Cherokee Nation opened their doors in 2001 in Vinita Oklahoma, with a 4,000 square foot facility, and limited service capabilities.  Today the Cherokee Nation has expanded their reach and services with the opening of this beautiful 35 million dollar Medical Center.  The new center is 23 times larger than the old clinic.  This state of the art facility provides new services such as pharmacy lab, radiology and new dental and eye services.  It has also allowed for the hiring of an additional 125 people with 90 of them being from the Cherokee Nation.

ILO, owned by Terry Donovan started working on the Vinita Health Clinic about 5 years ago, positioning to be Tribal Equipment Planners, which allowed them to work directly with the Architect.  ILO leveraged their relationships and the successful competition of an Elder Care facility to begin working with Vinita Health Clinic.

ILO began their portion of the product selection by looking for valued partners that would allow them to marry the turn of the Century Train Station feel with product.  Terry stated that “due to Coriander Designs manufacturing flexibility, bleach cleanable wood finish and their proven durability they became the logical and only choice”.

ILO wanted some changes to our existing Medina series:
Lowered the back to below the seat for sight line cleanup, “giving us a more tailored finished look”

Steel bars (a standard Medina option) to mirror the steel and wood construction of the space.

Raised the overall back height for proportion of scale.

Widened the seat for structural proportions overall look and feel.  Also accommodated the larger scaled patients.

Solid surface arm caps and table tops were “ a given” according to Terry, for the Cherokee Nation, giving them added durability and extending the life of the product with proper maintenance.

Our Ashland drum tables added the volume that Terry was looking for to create a “great turning point”.

ILO specified Coriander’s modified Medina chairs, our Ashland cylinder tables,  Redmond benches and in the Doctors offices our Albany lounge series.

Location:  Cherokee Nation
Dealer:  ILO
Collections: Medina with Wall Saver Leg